My Story

I am passionate about helping people cultivate wellness. I search for the underlying cause of dysfunction and ask why the body and mind are struggling, here and now.  I look at my patients through a broad lens and assess how they are functioning in all aspects of their lives- physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.



My Practice

I offer personalized natural health solutions that assist you in reaching your goals. My areas of specialty are digestive health, stress & fatigue, hormonal health, autoimmunity and mental health. 

All of my patients receive dietary and lifestyle counselling, meal planning support and individualized supplement support. I use herbal medicines and acupuncture with patients as well. 

My goal is to identify the root of your health issues.  I use specialized functional testing, when indicated, to take a deeper look at what's going on. I offer food sensitivity testing, comprehensive stool analyses, SIBO breath testing and DUTCH hormone testing.  

I facilitate and support a transformation within my patients. I believe everyone should be informed and knowledgeable about their current state of health, so they can become true advocates for their own health.