Naturopathic doctors use a wide range of therapies that are safe, effective and support the body's ability to heal 


Clinical nutrition is the use of dietary modification and nutrient supplementation to promote health and to prevent and treat many common diseases. Nutrient deficiencies can develop from inadequate intake, decreased absorption, decreased utilization, medications, and increased metabolic requirements. We all have different nutrient requirements depending on our age, sex, physical stress, psychological stress, disease state and use of medications. These variables are considered so that individualized nutritional treatment plans are made. 


Involves making changes to our thoughts and behaviours in a way that promotes health and decreases our susceptibility to disease. Recommendations often involve changes to your exercise, sleep, work and stress management habits.    


The use of plants as medicine is an ancient practice, as old as medicine itself. It involves the use of plants in the form of teas, tinctures, liquid extracts or capsules to treat disease, restore health and prevent disease.  


Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive system of thought and medical practice that has been developed over millennia. It believes that health is established when the body, mind and spirit are harmonious and balanced in functioning.  Health depends on the smooth and unobstructed flow of "life energy" through the body along channels known as meridians. Acupuncture is a treatment essential to Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves the insertion of very fine needles into points along meridians to rebalance disharmonies in the movement of this life energy, which is known as Qi.      


Hydrotherapy involves the use of water as an agent to stimulate the body's healing and detoxification abilities. 


Homeopathy is based on the premise that a substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it causes if it was take in large amounts. It is a form of medicine that is used around the world to treat both new and old medical conditions.