You've been told there are no more treatment options available to you

Naturopathic doctors use natural agents and therapies to manage chronic conditions by prescribing therapeutic diets, exercise regimes, herbal treatments and stress reduction techniques. They can help you incorporate behaviours into your daily life that add to health, not just remove disease. 


You don't feel like yourself and nobody can explain why

Perhaps you are feeling tired, depleted, foggy and run down more than usual. Maybe you feel like you are constantly getting sick and never fully recovering. Or you feel bloated and experience stomach pains. You have gone looking for answers but have come up empty. Naturopathic doctors look at you, entirely, to find the root cause of your mental or physical suffering.


Your medications aren't helping

Maybe you are taking medications, but not seeing the results. Maybe you are even experiencing new and unpleasant side effects. Naturopathic doctors can tell you whether your medications are causing nutrient deficiencies and recommend ways to resolve them in safe and effective ways.  


You want to use food, supplements and herbs as medicine

Naturopathic doctors are highly educated in nutrition supplementation and herbal medicine. They can recommend the right supplements, in the right form and at the right dose for you. Since interactions between supplements and medications can occur, it is best to consult with your naturopathic doctor to see if the supplements you are taking are safe and effective for you.   

You want answers

Naturopathic doctors spend time with you to ensure they fully answer your questions. Their priority is to ensure that you understand your current state of health, cause of symptoms, laboratory testing and treatment options. This way you can make informed medical decisions that are right for you. 


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