What to Expect 



 Initial History and Exam

During your initial History and Exam visit, my goal is to uncover the root of your health issues. In our initial visit I will review your:

    a) Health and Medical history 

    b) Diet and lifestyle 

    c) Function of key body systems related to your ailment 

    d) History, onset and key characteristics of your illness 

    e) Medications and supplements

Report of Findings Visit

During your first follow up visit I will provide you with a report of findings.
In this visit I will explain: 

    a) What is causing your health issues 

    b) What testing should be performed for diagnosis and to help rule out any suspected conditions 

    c) A diet plan 

    d) A lifestyle plan 

    e) Details of your initial treatment program

 Follow Up visits

    During your follow up visits, I will: 

    a) Monitor your response to treatment 

    b) Explain any new lab findings 

    c) Adjust your plan treatment based on laboratory findings and your level of responsiveness 

    d) Order any follow up testing needed as treatment progresses 

    e) Work to improve your health as soon as possible